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Student Reviews
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By Leah George 
Vocal Training, In studio *****

The first thing that struck us is how nice a person he is. Very kind, patient , friendly and obviously talented. He works with my 9 year old. We have been taking lessons from him for about a year and half now. Although he is our only teacher, we have been very happy with him and never felt the need to look further. He has the natural ability to work with children, encouraging them to have the self confidence. My daughter's confidence has improved by leaps and bounds. He recognizes area of improvement and works very hard to get push her to be better than she thinks she can be. I drive an hour for our lesson and I will continue to do so without second thoughts. He is truly an amazing person. highly recommend!!!
By Ben 
Vocal Training, In studio *****

Dan is a really fantastic teacher. He focused on getting me ready for a performance and was really great at covering not only the technique but the style of my singing. I definitely recommend Dan!
By Kathy 
Singing, In home *****

Dan is a wonderful teacher! He helped me rediscover my singing voice after many years of not being involved with music. Dan is a supportive and encouraging teacher who creates a very comfortable environment. He works to develop range and proper breathing technique through vocal exercises, and also focuses on phrasing of songs and performance of musical material. I will always be thankful I found Dan. I'm now a confident singer (both lead and harmony parts) -- have recorded a cd and am even in a band!
​Steven M.
Singing, In studio*****

I've been taking lessons with Dan for about a month and a half now and I gotta say, I don't think you'll find a better vocal teacher. He is very knowledgeable about how the voice works and has many years of coaching experience. He is great at giving direction and knows how to adjust to your learning style. He also takes notes throughout the lesson to track your progress, which I think helps a lot. Having started with pretty much zero vocal ability, I've definitely seen significant improvement in my voice. I highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of taking singing lessons!