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R e c o r d i n g  A r t i s t  &  T h e  N B C  T o d a y  S h o w  S u p e r s t a r  W i n n e r
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Classes Offered
Private In Studio
Private Online
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Group & Corporate Onsite


Voice and Performance Lessons - Singing and Speaking
Music Studio Producing & Recording - Arrangements for Voice & Music
Writing for both Music and Video
Video/Film & Music Production and Editing

I enjoy working with students of all ages and experience levels. I've been teaching, performing and coaching for over 22 years. My students range from beginners to professional recording and concert artist, on air radio and television commentators and public speakers. My unique style of teaching brings out the best in my students.
If you are interested in private professional lessons to grow as a musician, to become a better performer and vocalist, or because you simply enjoy the creative process, please come see me. I teach all genres of music and all styles of on air and public speaking. Through proper training we will improve your range, ear, pitch, tone and coloring. You will learn how to deliver a strong performance organically. You will become the vocalist and performer you want to be. We will have fun! I look forward to working with you.